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Fenced In

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The grass is always greener on the other side. Many days I watch sheep, cows, and horses prove this theory to my eyes. The livestock is always trying to get through the holes in the fence, or positioning their muzzles under the fence, or over the fence to eat the grass on the other side instead of just enjoying the grass on their side. Of course, the livestock does not eat this, its right there, way too easy to get to. Often in life, humans act the same as livestock.

Humans are never satisfied with what they have. We always try to get the next best thing, the greener pasture. Highways made the pathway for humans to travel. However, as the years went on the next best thing was interstates. There were quicker ways to get somewhere, and towns that we could bypass on our travel. Trains were invented so humans could go places. But eventually that wasn’t enough, there had to be something faster. Planes were invented so it wouldn’t take the whole day to get to the next best pasture.

Many are concerned about saving the planet, many people say it is the human instinct to try and save. However, I believe it is the human instinct to destroy. We have destroyed towns, making them into ghost towns from inventing interstates and planes. No more do people ride trains and drive on highways that keep small towns in business. Along with trying to get to the greener pasture, we are in the process of destroying the landscape. The ghost towns destroyed the landscape and to create the next best thing, human has made more destruction.

To show this body of work I chose to use a Nikon D300 with an 18 mm lens. I chose to use a square crop to highlight all around the fence, not just the fence. I felt that black and white helps you focus more on the linguistic side of the series. The color would distract you from the real truth of the story. The active framing keeps the fence in line and connected. It makes you feel that you are fenced in wondering what is the next best thing.

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Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains
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