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The Woods of Our Soul

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I walked down the sidewalk watching cars go by, honking and driving fast, and people yelling at each other. Car after car passed; there was no break in traffic. I suddenly stopped walking and looked around. The world started to circle around me. As I stared into the city, I began to wonder how did the world get to this point. How did it get to the point of selfishness, drugs, crime, and how did people get so wrapped up into time? I wondered if even I had lost myself to this world. I started running toward the woods as fast as I could, travelling further into the depths of the woods where reality couldn’t touch me anymore.

As I started running faster and further into the woods, I stumbled over a tree branch. I fell, and looked up to see nothing but trees surrounding me. The sky was so clear and circling. It started to get dark as I realized that I might be lost. But, am I lost in the woods or have I been so wrapped up that I lost myself in the world around me? I stared down the path and noticed my bags sitting at the pathway that waited for me to escape this world and start my new journey, my very own fairytale. I realized that even though I escaped the world, time was still of the essence. I could not stop it from passing. I panicked as I realized that in the end I still had to go back to reality. I felt goose bumps and wondered what was scaring me, being in the darkening woods or going back to reality?

Mountains and fjords
Northern Lights
Nature and sunrise
Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains